A player-by-player preview of the Timberwolves for 2022-23

The Timberwolves’ season ended Friday night with a Game 6 loss to Memphis at Target Center, a loss that knocked them out of the NBA playoffs.

Wolves won the seventh seed in the Western Conference with a 46-36 regular season, and are now heading into an offseason to maintain or grow their status in the league.

Here’s a player-by-player overview of the squad:

Karl-Anthony Towns, 26, C

Signed through 2023-24, $33.8 million next season

Towns returned to the All-Star Game for the first time in three seasons and could make the All-Pro team when those honors are announced in the coming weeks. This would make him eligible to sign a supermax contract. He averaged 24.6 points and 9.8 rebounds per game. He had one of his best defensive seasons in Wolves’ high-wall scheme.

Next season: Wolves still believe Towns have more room to develop attackingly. He will have to work to avoid fouls, especially on the offensive side, to be more dominant in the playoffs.

D’Angelo Russell, 26, G

Signed through 2022-23 at $31.4 million

Russell had one of his best defensive streaks in the first half of the season, but those numbers have faded. He shot 34% from three-point range, his lowest in five seasons, and was benched in the final minutes of Game 6 against Memphis after struggling the entire series.

Next season: Russell will seek an extension and Wolves will have a decision to make over his future, which could include negotiating his expiring contract.

Anthony Edwards, 20, GF

Signed through 2023-24, $10.7 million next season

Edwards improved his three-point shooting (from 33% to 36%) while playing with knee issues in the second half of the season. He faced teams starting to overtake him in the covers and improved his defense on the ball.

Next season: Keep improving yourself. Improve shooting, finishing ability and defense. Wolves don’t want Edwards to add much, just improve on what he’s already doing.

Jarred Vanderbilt, 23, F

Signed through 2023-24, $4.3 million next season

Vanderbilt earned a regular role in the starting lineup thanks to his rebounding and defense. He averaged 8.4 rebounds per game and was often asked to guard the other team’s best players.

Next season: Add to his attacking game as much as he can and keep growing as a defender.

Patrick Beverley, 33, G

Signed through 2022-23, $13 million next season

Beverley became the team’s emotional heartbeat and helped Wolves improve their defensive acumen. He is a precious presence on and off the ground.

Next season: Do what he does – keep the opponent’s best players, make attacking plays and keep leading.

Malik Beasley, 25, G

Signed through 2023-24, $15.6 million next season

Beasley returned to form in the second half of the season and shot 38% from three points for the year. He improved defensively but struggled in the playoff series against Memphis outside of Game 1.

Next season: Wolves will be hoping Beasley can play the full season like he did in the second half.

Jaden McDaniels, 21, F

Signed through 2023-24, $2.2 million next season

McDaniels, one of Wolves’ best defenders, was adding to his attacking repertoire before suffering a sprained ankle in the final weeks of the season. He returned in time for the playoffs and had his best game of the season in Game 6 with 24 points.

Next season: Add muscle to his nervous body and continue to develop his attacking game while cleaning up fouls in defense.

Jordan McLaughlin, 26, G

Signed through 2023-24, $2.2 million next season

McLaughlin was out of the rotation at the start of the season but became a valuable part of it in the second half thanks to his ability to lead Chris Finch’s offense.

Next season: McLaughlin doesn’t always fill out the stat sheet, but Finch likes the way he directs the offense. Keep it up and keep improving his shot.

Jaylen Nowell, 22, G

Team option for 2022-23 at $1.9 million

Nowell (8.5 ppg) became a key part of the rotation after COVID affected Wolves’ roster in December. His ability to generate points for himself earned him minutes from there.

Next season: If he comes back, keep improving defensively so he can stay on the pitch.

Naz Reid, 22, C

Team option for 2022-23 at $1.9 million

Reid was again a reliable backup center for Towns averaging 8.3 points in 15.8 minutes per game and was key in Wolves’ play-in win when Towns was at fault.

Next season: Keep improving defensively and in his ability to rebound. Wolves could try to add a rebounder in the offseason.

Prince Taurus, 28 years old, F

Unrestricted Free Agent

Prince became an integral part of the bench in the second half of the season as he caught fire at three points. It shot below 30% in October and November but shot at 41% from December.

Next season: Prince has said he would like to return, but can he and Wolves agree on a number and contract length?

Josh Okogie, 23, G

Restricted Free Agent

Okogie’s limited offense kept him out of the rotation for most of the season. Wolves praised what a good teammate he was.

Next season: Wolves can make a nearly $6 million qualifying offer, but Okogie appears to be headed for free agency and could end up on another team where he can contribute regularly.

Leandro Bolmaro, 21, G

Signed through 2024-25, $2.5 million next season

Bolmaro appeared in 35 games but didn’t make the rotation during the second half of the season. He averaged 13.5 points per game and six assists for the Iowa Wolves of the G-League.

Next season: Improve his shot so Wolves can put him down more often.

Jake Layman, 28, F

Unrestricted Free Agent

Layman helped Wolves through their COVID absences in December and January but was never part of the rotation before or after.

next season: The layman is probably trying to find a place where he can play more.

Nathan Knight, 24, FC

Restricted Free Agent

Knight has filled this season with skill and Finch said he belongs in the NBA. Knight appeared in 37 games for Wolves.

Next season: Will Knight, who was on a two-way deal, come back and get more playing time?

McKinley Wright, 23, G

Restricted Free Agent

Wright, who injured his elbow during the season, never had much time with Wolves but played well at Iowa and averaged 19.1 points and 7.7 assists.

Next season: After playing on a two-way deal, the Champlin Park alum will be a restricted free agent.

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