Consuming 5-6 prunes a day can forestall bone loss, osteoporosis

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Based on new analysis, incorporating prunes into your day by day food regimen could assist assist bone well being. Westend61/Getty Photos
  • Osteoporosis, or lack of bone mass and density, impacts many individuals, particularly folks over the age of fifty, resulting in an elevated threat of fractures.
  • A brand new randomized managed research reveals that consuming 5-6 prunes a day can protect bone mass and density, thereby halting the event of osteoporosis.
  • The identical researchers, in a second research, discovered {that a} lack of bone well being is related to inflammatory processes within the physique, and prunes are recognized to be anti-inflammatory.

Osteoporosis is a situation wherein an individual’s bones lose density and mass, making the bones extra more likely to break. Based on National Osteoporosis Foundationsome 10 million Individuals have the illness, and one other 44 million lack bone density, placing them in danger for osteoporosis.

Half of girls over 50 are at elevated threat of breaking a bone, and one in 4 males. Lack of bone mass and density can happen at any age. Nevertheless, osteoporosis is extra frequent in older folks.

Osteoporosis happens most frequently in postmenopausal ladies. In 2017-2018, 19.6% of girls over 50 have developed the illness – a better share than the variety of ladies who’ve coronary heart assaults, strokes or develop breast most cancers, mixed.

The hip, spinal and wrist bones are the most typical websites of bone fractures attributable to osteoporosis, though they’ll happen in any bone. For older folks, hip fractures will be particularly severe.

A brand new randomized controlled trial demonstrates that consuming 5-6 prunes a day can halt the development of osteoporosis in postmenopausal ladies, in comparison with a management group that didn’t devour the fruit.

That is the second in a pair of research performed by researchers at Penn State College in College Park, Pennsylvania. The primary, an unpublished observational research, investigated an affiliation between inflammatory markers and lack of bone mineral density, or BMD.

Principal Investigator Dr Mary Jane Souza Instructed Medical Information Right this moment:

“Our outcomes point out that larger ranges of inflammatory markers had been related to decreased trabecular bone scores within the lumbar backbone amongst research contributors – primarily, the extra irritation, the more serious the bone well being.

“Irritation might be an vital mediator of postmenopausal bone loss and a possible goal for dietary therapies”, Dr. Souza famous.

The analysis, funded by the California Prune Board, was offered on the annual assembly of the North American Menopause Society in Atlanta, Georgia, in October 2022.

Dr. Souza defined that researchers have been finding out the hyperlinks between prunes and bone well being for a few years.

“Our newest analysis represents the biggest trial, with a cohort of greater than 200 postmenopausal ladies, to analyze the hyperlink between prunes and favorable bone well being,” she mentioned.

Dr Souza mentioned DTM that with the present bigger randomized trial, they wished to construct on current analysis “to validate and replicate the outcomes of earlier smaller trials that indicated that prunes might be a promising non-pharmacological dietary intervention for preserving bone and preserve bone density and energy”.

“Our research is the primary to disclose that consuming simply 5-6 prunes a day prevented a lack of bone mineral density on the hip, the positioning of biggest concern for growing old women and men, as hip fractures hip typically end in hospitalization, decreased high quality of life, and lack of independence.
— Dr. Mary Jane Souza

“Prune eaters had been additionally protected towards an elevated threat of hip fracture in comparison with non-prune eaters, whose fracture threat worsened,” she added.

The researchers additionally discovered “the same sample the place bone energy is maintained on the tibia and volumetric cortical density is maintained, whereas the management group confirmed worsening of those parameters.

The researchers divided the contributors into three teams. One, the management group, didn’t eat prunes. One other group ate 5-6 prunes a day and one other 10-12 prunes a day.

The good thing about prunes was most demonstrable at 5-6 per day, with no profit for consuming extra.

“The primary variations had been that we had a a lot decrease dropout fee within the 5-6 prunes per day group – 15% in comparison with a 41% dropout fee within the 10-12 prunes per day group,” mentioned Dr. Souza.

“Moreover, we noticed that hip BMD was maintained within the 6 prunes/day group in comparison with the management group – a discovering not noticed within the 10-12 prunes/day group. This discovering was observable in all six month and… continued till the twelfth month.
— Dr. Mary Jane Souza

“We additionally discovered that the FRAX [Fracture Risk Assessment] the full hip rating didn’t enhance within the pooled feminine group [containing both the 5-6 prunes a day group and the 10–12 prunes a day group] in comparison with the management group,” Dr. Souza mentioned. This means that consuming extra prunes didn’t enhance bone well being.

“Whereas it is not essentially clear precisely what’s in prunes that exerts this favorable impact on bone well being, this entire fruit incorporates a number of nutritional vitamins and minerals vital for bones, together with boron, potassium, copper and vitamin Ok. Prunes additionally comprise polyphenols – bioactive compounds that seem to play a task in bone formation,” Dr. Souza mentioned.

She famous the anti-inflammatory results of prunes, saying they “have particularly studied this impact and can report these outcomes quickly.”

“We sit up for persevering with this kind of analysis associated to bone well being, whereas increasing investigations into the affect of prunes on the gut-bone axis, and what analysis could reveal about this connection,” mentioned she added.

Michelle Routhensteincardiology dietitian at, who was not concerned within the research, instructed Medical Information Right this moment extra methods to take care of wholesome bones:

“Different dietary methods that may assist battle bone loss and assist bone energy embody consuming sufficient quantities of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin Ok from meals.”

“I’d extremely suggest getting calcium from meals like sardines, yogurt, and collard greens. Different meals excessive in vitamin Ok, magnesium, and potassium embody edamame and leafy greens like Swiss chard and kale.
— Michelle Routhenstein

Routhenstein added that for these trying to make use of dietary supplements to maintain their bones wholesome, she suggested “to keep away from excessive dose calcium dietary supplements above 500mg attributable to their skill to trigger calcification within the arteries. “.

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