Eating healthier has many benefits; here are 3 recipes to start

Maria Mendizabal

Many people give up certain lifestyle behaviors in the observance of Lent as a sign of sacrifice and to develop self-discipline.

This may mean abstaining from specific foods or beverages (often animal products, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, or other favorites). If you are one of those people and have successfully abstained during this time, congratulations! You can feel very proud of yourself.

Hopefully all the healthy changes you’ve made will become routine. Change is difficult for those who have lived their whole lives eating animal products, but every little change we make has an impact on our own bodies, and considering that animal agriculture is accelerating global warming , potentially the whole world.

Dr. Michael Greger, a specialist in clinical nutrition, is the author of a book called “How not to die”. It contains information about how the foods we eat affect our health, both for good and bad.

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