Jacques Nienaber responds to the outcry over the selection of Evan Roos

Springboks head coach Jacques Nienaber has explained how his management team carried out the player selection process for their domestic roster camps following an outcry over the omission of a number of players.

There was considerable criticism in some quarters after Nienaber snubbed Stormers No. 8 Evan Roos and bulls veteran Marcell Coetzee for South Africa’s first roster camp.

“I will address team selection,” Nienaber said on Sunday. “It’s not something you want to talk about at a press conference. But I thought if I told you a bit about how we think about team selection and how things work, that would be pretty insightful for you.

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Nienaber went to great lengths to point out that roster camp selection is not comparable to a test match team selection. “It’s an alignment camp. There has been no team selected, there has been no team selected yet. A team selection for the incoming Wales The test rounds will probably only take place at the end of May.

“Towards the end of the URC and maybe even then, depending on how many teams qualify for a possible quarter-final, it might not happen until after the quarter-final. So a team or a team won’t be selected until later in the season, so this is just the roster camp where some people are invited.

“So when we invite players through roster camp, 80% of what we want to get across in roster camps is generic, but sometimes we invite people to roster camp because there’s has some specific things that we may want to align with that player and that may differ from player to player.

“And a classic example for me would be the invitation of John Goosen at our alignment camp. And I never in my life worked with Johan Goosen. I had a few conversations with him, but never face to face.

“One of the things I’d like to line up in this roster camp with Johan Goosen is just to have a conversation with him. You know, just to get to know the guy and maybe understand his character, maybe to know where he is now in terms of his rugby career. Are the Boks something he would aspire to? Does he still want to play the World Cup and stuff like that? And I’m not saying that that’s the only reason he’s invited.

Evan Roos

“Not everyone who is invited to this roster camp will automatically be invited to the next roster camp and invitations to the roster camp do not mean that you will be in the squad and selected for the Welsh Series.

“And being excluded from the roster cap invite doesn’t mean you won’t be included in the Welsh Test series, so the roster camps, guys, are as the name suggests.

“Sometimes we know what a player can bring to the party. We have worked with him before.

“It is not a group that has been selected.

“The aim of our roster camp is to share the 2022 schedule in detail. And also a busy schedule for 2023. We are 519 days away from the start of the Rugby World Cup.

Another alignment camp with foreign players will take place, followed by a second alignment camp for domestic players.

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“There’s been a lot in the media about the team selection.

“I will use loose attackers because there are a lot of good loose attackers and I have a lot of loose attackers currently who are playing well and can be in contention for the Springbok team, so I will use this position as an example and mostly I’m going to talk about this big hype between Evan Roos and Elrigh Louw So just so you can get a little bit of background on how we deal with team selection and how we think about it.

“I’m going to start with the end goal in mind. So when you remember when we go to the World Cup in France, there are only five places available for loose forwards. And if you look at the guys we used a lot last year and also the guys who were with us in the 2018/19 season and qualified for the World Cup and we honestly think Duane [Vermuelen] can still do France 2023. We sincerely believe that Peter Steph [Du Toit] can still do France 2023. We believe It’s a College can still do France 2023.

“When I say we still believe. I mean it means there are no big injuries. That means they’re playing on the pitch and they’re doing the essentials, which is you have to play rugby well on Saturday, so if they’re playing on the pitch and they’re playing like they are currently doing, we think they can go to France 2023 so obviously.

“Kwagga Smith joined us at Rugby World Cup in 2019. If he continues to play rugby well… he can still make France 2023.”

“The fifth guy we used in 2019 was Francois Louw and of course he retired.

“Look at the age of these players. Yes, Duane is 34. Siya is 30, Pieter Steph is 29 and Kwagga is 26. He’s almost a youngster pushing the three older dogs there.

“Then the guys we used last year. jasper meadow, he is 26 years old. He only has 8 or 10 caps now. Then we used Marco van Staden. If I name these six loose forwards that we mostly used from 2018 to the British and Irish the Lions series. Then you have the Du Preez brothers who only played one or two games. That brings us to eight free forwards.

“If I take these eight loose forwards and don’t even mention the other guys, and add Evan Roos and Elrigh Louwwho’s 22, and they’re pushing those older guys, giving us a total of 10 loose forwards.

“There are only five places available.”

Nienaber says it’s a numbers game and the Springboks simply don’t have enough places to win 10 back rows in a Rugby World Cup season.

“There are 17 test matches before entering the Rugby World Cup. We are working hard on a warm-up game and we almost crossed the line, it would be 18.

“If we use these loose forwards that I mentioned now and we decide okay, look, we’re only going to give Duane, Siya, Peter Steph four test games and say Kwagga, we’re going to give them four games. tests then we’ll take Jasper and Marco van Staden and. And we’re going to take the two Du Preez brothers and give them four test matches.

“Then we take Ryno Eldstadt, Elrigh Louw and Evan Roos and we’re going to give them four test matches, so we can’t fit into the World Cup.

“I mean it’s not going to be practical to build and I have to improve the things we’re doing and try to do things better and build on your game plan and create continuity and build momentum.”


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