Matisse Thybulle explains why he is not vaccinated

Kyle Neubeck: Thybulle: “It was a decision I made a long time ago… I was raised in a holistic family, anti vax is not a term that has ever been used… we grew up with Chinese medicine and naturopathic doctors.” Said he had to reconsider and look at the situation differently
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Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#SixersSwingman Matisse Thybulle explains why he is not vaccinated… via @phillyinquirer – 00:19

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Matisse Thybulle will not play games 3 and 4 in Toronto. Will have more thoughts in the days to come, but our initial story @TheAthletic with Thybulle’s explanation here:…11:05 p.m.

Jason Dumas @JDumasReports
I don’t understand why Matisse Thybulle even got a dose of the vaccine if he grew up in a holistic home?
And if he had to have one, why not just get one from J&J?
Am I missing something? – 10:46 p.m.

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Matisse Thybulle explains why he is not fully vaccinated before the first round with the Toronto Raptors #Sixers… Going through @SixersWire10:39 p.m.

Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#NBA story update on 3 things to know about the #Raptors, plus Matisse Thybulle on why he made the decision not to be fully vaccinated which will mean missing the #Sixers playoff games at Toronto: #76ers p.m.

Derek Bodner @Derek BodnerNBA
Opening statement by Matisse Thybulle on his decision not to get fully vaccinated. Thybulle received a dose of the Pfizer vaccine. p.m.

Noah Levick @Noah Levick
We got a detailed explanation from Matisse Thybulle – story to come – but the big takeaway is that he received a dose of the COVID vaccine during the playoffs last year. He is firm in his position not to receive a second dose and coming from a “holistic home” is a big part of that for him. – 10:06 p.m.

Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#Sixers Matisse Thybulle: ‘There are people who don’t understand… It’s annoying’ that Thybulle can’t play in Toronto. He says he’s confident his teammates will handle games on the road without him. “I accepted that it could” have professional repercussions. – 10:03 p.m.

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Matisse Thybulle explained that he had a holistic training and was confident that he would be able to do well. He confirmed that he had received 1 injection of the vaccine. #Sixers10:02 p.m.

Austin Krel @NBAKrell
Matisse Thybulle says he is not fully vaccinated and made his choice a long time ago.
In order not to miss any word or intention, I will transcribe the rest of the quote shortly. – 9:59 p.m.

Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#Sixers wing Matisse Thybulle explains why he is not vaccinated: p.m.

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
Rivers says Matisse Thybulle will not be eligible for Games 3 and 4 in Toronto. No movement on this front. – 9:35 p.m.

Derek Bodner @Derek BodnerNBA
Doc Rivers says there is no change in Matisse Thybulle’s status, and he will be ineligible for Games 3 and 4 in Toronto. – 9:35 p.m.

Noah Levick @Noah Levick
Doc Rivers says Matisse Thybulle will still be ineligible for Games 3 and 4 of the first-round series against Toronto. – 9:35 p.m.

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Doc Rivers confirms that Matisse Thybulle will be ineligible for Games 3 and 4 in Toronto. No change there. #Sixers9:34 p.m.

Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Note for Philadelphia (4) vs. Toronto (5) series: 76ers All-Defensive winger Matisse Thybulle is currently ineligible for games in Toronto due to Canada’s vaccination mandate. – 9:22 p.m.

Austin Krel @NBAKrell
Sixer starters
Tyrese Maxey
Danny Green
Matisse Thybulle
Tobias Harris
DeAndre Jordan6:31 p.m.

Safer this scenario

The Philadelphia 76ers will face the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the NBA playoffs, and defensive specialist Matisse Thybulle can only play in the Sixers’ home games. Unvaccinated foreign nationals are currently prohibited from entering Canada and Thybulle is not fully vaccinated. Limited exemptions to the rule no longer apply to professional athletes, and as such, coach Doc Rivers said on Sunday that Thybulle would be “ineligible” for Games 3 and 4. -via ESPN / April 11, 2022

Thybulle, after the 76ers’ 118-106 win over the Detroit Pistons on Sunday, said he was raised in a “holistic home” and refused to be fully vaccinated. He said he felt the need to get vaccinated last season but didn’t do any more, saying: “I felt like I had a strong base of medical resources that could help me. serve beyond what this vaccine could do for me. “It wasn’t the result I wanted,” he said. “It’s always hard not to be available.” -Going through ESPN / April 11, 2022

During a March 29 episode of OverDrive on TSN, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix seemingly put all that uncertainty to rest, revealing that two of the four are in fact unvaccinated — Brown and Horford. (H/T ProCity Hoops) “The variable in all of this is who gets to play in Toronto? For example, the Celtics have unvaccinated guys. From what I understand, Jaylen Brown is not vaccinated, Al Horford is not vaccinated. Now, that may still change. There’s still enough time in the season where, if they decide to get the shot, they’ll be eligible to play in a postseason game in Toronto. But the Celtics aren’t the Celtics without Jaylen or Al Horford, and I’m sure they don’t want to go up to Toronto in that situation. Mannix said that, to his knowledge, neither Brown nor Horford were vaccinated. And while there’s still time to change that, as of now, neither is eligible to play in Toronto. -Going through / April 8, 2022

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