NBA Playoffs 2022 – Bucks-Celtics, Warriors-Grizzlies Game 2s Betting Tips

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What you need to know for Tuesday’s playoffs

Giannis Point While Giannis Antetokounmpo is no stranger to scoring points, he is also used to playing points forward when needed. Holiday Jrue remains an elite point guard both ways, but Game 1 in Boston saw Antetokounmpo tally 17 potential assists on a team-high 55 assists. Antetokounmpo has a 6.5 assist prop entering a Critical Game 2 at TD Garden; the persistent lack of Kris Middleton suggests he is well placed to produce as a playmaker.

Benefits of passage: Speaking of rating forces that can also distribute, Jordan Poole and Jayson Tatum each paced their team with 16 potential assists on Sunday. Poole probably won’t create for others in Game 2 as long as Draymond Green remains active, but there is still real value in his assist prop which hovers around five on Tuesday. With Smart Marcus injured, Tatum will be in charge of distribution duties, and his 5.5 assist prop could prove rewarding. The Bucks like to pack the paint on defense, giving Tatum plenty of drive-and-kick opportunities.

Glue guy: The Grizzlies had to adapt to playoff basketball. The team removed limited frontcourt options such as Xavier Tillman and steven adams of rotation when challenged by smaller looks. Walk in brandon clark, who was tasked with being the team’s first window cleaner and rim runner since the middle of the first lap. With a record 20 rebound chances in Game 1 and with Adams ruled out for Game 2, Clarke is poised to play at least 30 minutes, presenting value for rebounds and prop double-doubles.

Boston rebounds 1.0: Boston went 10 of 34 (29.4%) from inside the arc in Game 1 against the Bucks, something they didn’t do in the regular season or the first round of the playoffs. In fact, they’ve only shot less than 45 percent from inside the arc seven times this season. In games that followed a poor shooting performance, the Celtics managed to turn things around by shooting 55.5% of their 2-pointers. If the Celtics settle for as many 3s as they did on Sunday and make their 2s at an efficient pace, they will score 17.7 points more than they did in Game 1. This level of improvement not only earns them victory, but will also cover the spread.

Boston Rebounds 2.0: The Celtics threw plenty of 3s in Game 1 (59.5% of their field goal attempts). To some extent, that’s by design given the Bucks’ defensive strategy of eliminating easy shots in favor of beauty from beyond the arc. But is this a good game plan to beat the Celtics? It appeared that way in Game 1, but during the regular season Boston went 7-7 when at least half of their shots were triples. In those 14 games, Boston has outscored its opponent by an average of 6.2 points per game. It’s very likely that Milwaukee will continue to implement this game plan, but Boston has shown that they can be very successful against this type of defense.

You just shoot: The Grizzlies competed hard and came close to claiming a victory in Game 1, but did they miss their chance? Memphis had won 10 straight games making at least 16 3-pointers before Sunday afternoon and Golden State was just 10-13 this regular season shooting less than 73 percent from the free throw line. While neither of those thresholds is likely to be consistently hit, it wasn’t enough to win Memphis. Winning back-to-back road games is tough in the playoffs, but all the signs seem to be pointing in Golden State’s direction and the spread is far from prohibitive.

game of the night

Milwaukee dollars to Boston Celtics
7 p.m. ET, TD Garden, Boston

Double: Celtics (-4.5)
Money line: Celtics (-200), Bucks (+170)
Total: 215.5 points
BPI Total projected: 225.7 points
BPI gain %: 66.1%

Questionable: Smart Marcus (quadruple)

Excluded: George Hill (abdomen),
Note: BPI figures are for excluded players, but assume questionable players will play

Notable: Not a single Bucks over ticket has cashed this playoff, but they’ve covered each of their last four.

Best bet: Under 215.5 points. The Bucks are all of a sudden playing defense like the Celtics did during the regular season. Milwaukee currently boasts a 93.5 defensive rating in the playoffs. The next closest team is Miami at 104.1. Antetokounmpo was dominant in Game 1, and with the Celtics in a pseudo “must-win” situation at home in Game 2, I expect them to drive the pace and tempo of this game. Boston runs at a much slower pace than the Bucks, and we all know how great their defense is. Only one of the six games the Bucks have played this postseason has topped that total — and that was a 116-100 win over Chicago in Game 5. -Tyler Fulghum

Best bet: Jayson Tatum over 34.5 points + assists. Tatum was unable to establish a rhythm on Sunday due to all-court pressure and the Bucks’ physique. Although he had a lackluster game, the Celtics had some time to prepare for Game 2 and Tatum is going to step up. He averaged 29.5 PPG and 7.3 APG in Boston’s first-round series against the Nets. So really, if Tatum can’t start, the Celtics won’t beat the Bucks. –Eric Moody

Best bet: Grayson Allen more than 10.5 points. The Celtics will look to slow down Giannis Antetokounmpo after giving up his second career playoff triple-double on 36% shooting in Game 1. Boston will make adjustments that will allow Allen to have an open eye. He’s averaging 12.7 PPG so far in the playoffs. — Moody

Best bet: Lopez Creek more than 4.5 rebounds. Lopez is back in shape, enough that he’s averaged 28.7 MPG in the postseason so far. And, because the Celtics play a big, traditional roster, there’s no lag that would force him off the field. The Celtics frontcourt will focus on slowing down Giannis, leaving Lopez and Bobby Portis to work against lags and achieve less contested bounces. Lopez caught 10 boards in Game 1 and has at least five boards in five of his six playoff games so far. –Snellings

Best bet: Holiday Jrue over 31.5 points + assists + rebounds. Holiday is a perfect lieutenant for Antetokounmpo, as he will rely on Giannis’ lead but also step up the offense when he needs to. I expect the Celtics to go all-in to defend Antetokounmpo in Game 2, allowing Holiday to work with less attention. –Snellings

Break the rest of the slate

Golden State Warriors to Memphis Grizzlies
9:30 p.m. ET, FedEx Forum, Memphis

Double: Warriors (-2.0)
Money line: Warriors (-130), Grizzlies (+110)
Total: 227.5 points
BPI Total projected: 231.6 points
BPI Earnings %: (68.1%)

Questionable: Nothing

Excluded: Andre Iguodala (neck), steven adams (COVID-19 protocols)
Note: BPI figures are for excluded players, but assume questionable players will play

Notable: The hard-fought Game 1 win was nice for Golden State, but it didn’t result in coverage and dropped the Warriors to 5-11 ATS in their last 16 road games.

Best bet: Stephen Curry more than 26.5 points. Dillon Brooks and the Grizzlies did a great job defending Curry in Game 1. Despite a few open shots, Curry managed to score 24 points. The only open triples Curry had, came from Draymond Green, who was sent off late in the first half and only played 25 minutes. Curry should have more opportunities in Game 2. — Moody

Best bet: Draymond Green over 14.5 assists + rebounds. Green plays an important role in this series as rebounds, second chances and possessions will be key. Golden State point guards can count on the Green for tons of rebounds and assists. He’s averaged 5.2 RPGs and 6.7 RPGs in the playoffs so far. — Moody

Best bets: Draymond Green more than 6.5 assists; 2.5+ interceptions + blocks

Green was ejected from Game 1 – and lost his appeal to reduce his offense from a Flagrant 2 to a Flagrant 1 – so he will be back to make an impact in Game 2. He can do this by creating for his teammates and play lightning defense. Memphis has the highest TO% of all eight teams remaining in the playoffs, and Green had three interceptions and a block in just 17 minutes of work Sunday. –Fulghum

Best bet: Klay Thompson more than 3.5 3 points. Thompson has had two mediocre straight games, shooting 34.4% from the field, 25% from 3-point range and 66.7% from the line. He missed two crucial free throws late in Game 1 that nearly cost the Warriors the game. It’s extremely rare for Thompson to shoot this badly, and he’s ripe for a rebound. In his last four playoff games, he shot 52.8% from the field and 50% from behind the arc, making 5.3 3PG. I think this level is closer to expectations for Game 2. –Snellings

Best bet: Desmond Scourge more than 17.5 points. This prediction is based on Bane being healthy enough to play near full speed, which is risky as he is listed as questionable with a bad back. Bane is coming off his worst postseason performance with just nine points on 3 on 10 FG, after averaging 27.0 PPG on 51.4 FG% in his previous four games. The Grizzlies absolutely need Bane to produce at this level if they want to return to the series. I wish him to have every chance to shine if his health allows it. –Snellings

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