Putin is slowly moving towards his nukes, threatening to wipe out the world if he fails to capture Ukraine, foreign affairs expert says

Vladimir Poutine

Vladimir Poutine

The subject of nuclear weapons is brought to the fore by Russian media and officials.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the risk of a global nuclear war was very real. This ominous warning did not come from a deranged psychopath – like those who regularly call for Kyiv to be bombed on Russian state television. These were the words of the senior diplomat of the Russian Federation.

In diplomatic parlance, Lavrov basically admitted that their much-vaunted Donbas offensive is stalling, the war is lost, and Russia has nothing to counter the influx of Western weapons into Ukraine. Politically and militarily, Russia is stuck.

Since Putin cannot accept defeat, the Kremlin indicates that nuclear weapons are on the table as its last resort in this war.

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It is nothing less than a threat to start an atomic war against the world. While Lavrov personally may not be eager to bring the end of days – being just a Russian state minister – his overlord is fully capable and ready for the apocalypse. Lavrov is only broadcasting his master’s will.

In any case, it was a perfectly serious statement. I would say it’s on the same level as the infamous article “On the Unity of the Russian and Ukrainian Peoples” written by Putin last summer. In this text, the dictator has clearly pledged to destroy Ukraine as a political entity if it refuses to give up its sovereignty and be absorbed by Russia.

Lavrov threatens the world with destruction if he stops Putin from annihilating Ukraine. He and Putin are very serious. In my opinion, the international community should respond to these threats in a way contrary to Putin’s expectations.

After launching its mad, irrational and barbaric invasion of Ukraine, Russia has revealed that it is no longer a credible and rational actor on the international stage. World leaders are realizing that it is better to take Russian nuclear threats seriously, because not to do so would be prohibitively expensive. After all, the continued existence of human civilization is at stake. Someone is currently openly threatening to destroy our civilization if his ridiculous demands are not met. This is large-scale nuclear terrorism – it’s not just a big city like New York that’s at stake, it’s all of humanity.

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Giving in to the terrorist’s demands is out of the question, it would only encourage him to make new demands and inspire imitators. Sooner or later, the world will have to call its bluff on one red line or another, risking a global nuclear war. The only difference is that the more we appease the terrorist, the more powerful he becomes, and the weaker and more demoralized the rest of the world will be. Appeasement is not an option.

What remains to be done then? Any head of the security services can answer this: the only option available is to eliminate the terrorist, who is holding the entire planet hostage, trying to force us all to meet his political demands. Much like a hypothetical asteroid hurtling towards Earth, this is a global problem that demands a global solution.

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In other words, scientists, diplomats, politicians, doctors, spies, soldiers, all must put aside their grievances and work towards solving a common problem. The West has begun to realize the magnitude of the threat, and the EU, the G7 and NATO are all working together, hand in hand.

They will be followed by China, another crucial center of the modern world. Without forgetting that Russia is now relegated to the rank of vassal of China. Beijing is able to order Putin to move.

Being somewhat hostile to the United States, the CCP viewed Putin very favorably. Chinese President Xi Jinping only gave Putin the green light to invade Ukraine after the conclusion of the Beijing Olympics, and Russia complied.

But despite favoring Russia over the United States, China is in no rush to perish in the fires of nuclear Armageddon because of Putin’s obsession with Ukraine. I think Jinping said to Putin, “Go ahead, capture Ukraine if you can, but no nukes – we definitely don’t need them.” China has the long-term prospect of becoming the world’s leading economic, cultural and scientific power. It has no ambition to turn into a radioactive wasteland – which Putin’s gamble is pushing them towards.

That is why, following Lavrov’s threat, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a rather harsh statement, by Chinese standards: “No one wants World War III. All parties must exercise restraint in the face of the Ukrainian crisis and avoid escalating the conflict. Beijing signals to Putin that Russia will not receive financial, technological or military aid from China. Not even sympathy. And without Chinese support, the proverbial Russian warship has only one way to go.

He has brainwashed his people into expecting a triumph, but it turns out it will be Ukraine marching its troops through Moscow. The problem is that Putin has no other way out. Nuclear war is all he thinks about now. It is his only perceived salvation after a humiliating military defeat in Ukraine.

Putin doesn’t know what to do next, so his finger points to the nuclear ‘button’. That’s why I’m sure China’s security services will soon join their Western counterparts in finding a way to neutralize the Russian dictator – if they haven’t already. Everyone in the world will pool their resources to stop Putin. After all, nuclear war must be avoided.

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