Ryanair passenger claims airline the PHANTOM after losing suitcase containing life-saving medicine for nine days

Staff are still looking for a baffled vacationer’s suitcase that has been missing for NINE days and counts. Rachel Millard’s bag did not arrive when she landed in Milan on a Ryanair flight from Manchester last Saturday, on her first overseas trip with her boyfriend Joe Cubbin.

Accountant Rachel, 30, who lives in Didsbury, was forced to spend her five-day vacation without most of her belongings, including life-saving medication, as they never followed her to Italy. On the penultimate day of her stay, she was stunned to see her bag in a photo accompanying a MEN article about a series of cases that appeared to have been ‘abandoned’ in the airport baggage hall.

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But after landing at Manchester Airport she was told staff still could not locate him and she had still not been reunited with him, nine days after she was first checked in. She has now denounced her treatment saying the airline is now the ‘ghost’.

Rachel told the MEN: “It was just awful. My first trip with my boyfriend and I had next to nothing with me.

“I told them about my medication, but I had no idea how I could get a prescription there, so I had to go without. I also had no underwear. , toiletries, makeup for the gym.”

Rachel Millard (left) with boyfriend Joe Cubbin (right) in Italy

Rachel, from Newton-le-Willows in Merseyside, and her boyfriend Joe, also 30, used Ryanair’s self-service bag drop where you print and attach your own tags before dropping off your bags , before boarding his flight from Manchester to Milan at 6:35 a.m. last Saturday.

Yet when they arrived in Milan, only Joe’s suitcase made it onto the carousel. She reported him missing to Milan staff who said they believed he was still in Manchester, and they took details of his hotel in the hope of getting it to him.

However, the gray IT-branded case, which contained important medication Rachel takes for her blood pressure, never arrived despite her attempts to call the airline every day.

She added: “I had a few clothes in my carry-on but had to buy some more. Especially when a waiter spilled Aperol Spritz on my only spare pair of pants! That meant I couldn’t. just couldn’t enjoy it as much as I should have been.”

Rachel’s barrage of unanswered WhatsApp messages

On the fourth day of the trip, Tuesday April 5, while queuing for a drink at a bar, Rachel saw what she believes to be her case in a photo showing abandoned luggage strewn about the baggage hall . The image had been taken by a passenger the day before and shared with the MEN

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I ran straight to Joe and said ‘this is my bag’. It’s 100% mine. I zoomed in on the label and there’s even an ‘MXP’ label on it, which is for Milan airport on it. I thought it wasn’t dropped, it never caught my flight. So I was a bit confused as to how it ended there- down as it looked like it was in baggage claim.

Rachel says she was stunned to see her bag pictured on M..EN’s website while on vacation

“But I was kind of relieved in a way because at first I had no idea where it was, it could have been anywhere. At least I knew it was in Manchester and we were going home the next day, so I thought I could just take it then.”

However, after landing in Manchester on Wednesday April 6 on an Easyjet flight, Ryanair helpdesk staff said he was unable to return his bag. She was given a number to call and left the airport empty-handed.

Although she provided them with the photo, Ryanair says they are still looking for it

“They just said there were no staff and they couldn’t help at the minute. All the worry came back at that point,” Rachel said. “It was really annoying. I just thought it was ridiculous, they say they can’t find it but I know it’s here and I even showed them a picture.”

The day after arriving home, Thursday, April 7, Rachel messaged her assigned cell phone number, sharing a link to the article and photo, and received a response saying, “J “Have passed the information to the team in charge of searching the bag room. Once they inform me that he has been located, I will contact you” signed ‘Swissport Baggage Reclaim’.

Swissport is an aviation company that provides baggage handling services to a number of airlines from Manchester, including Ryanair. He was told there was no time limit. And she hasn’t had an answer from the number since despite a deluge of messages asking every hour if they had an update.

Rachel accused the airline of ‘ghosting’ her

And she has now accused the company of ignoring her after staff managing Ryanair’s social media accounts also told her they couldn’t help her. The online tracking service on the Ryanair website says “looking for your bag”.

“They’re just ghosting me, that’s how I describe it. Obviously there are baggage issues happening, but for it to last nine days and they just ignore me and tell me they can’t help me, that’s really not good enough, especially since I told them where he is or where I think he is.

“There’s no guarantee it’s still there now. And I don’t even know how to rebuild my stuff. I don’t know if I need to replace things now because I still don’t have any. and I don’t know how long it will take until I get my bag back”

Ryanair has been approached for comment.

Swissport said: “We are sorry to hear of Ms Millard’s experience with her luggage. We are investigating the issue as a priority and working with our airline partner to ensure the item is returned as soon as possible.”

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