Should you stay away from the Braves and Mets this MLB season?

Minty Bets and Ariel Epstein give their best MLB team this season, including picks for the Mets, Angels, Giants, Braves and more.

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PARIS MINT: Baseball is back, everyone. I’m Minty Bets, joined by Ariel Epstein, and we’re here to give you our favorite MLB team futures bets. Ariel, let’s start with you. What do you have for us?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I have three that I really like. My favorite is the Milwaukee Brewers winning the National League 7-1. This team reminds me a lot of the Atlanta Braves last year when they made the playoffs and fell flat. That was how Milwaukee was. They have one of the best starting rotations in Major League Baseball. The Brewers have a defending Cy Young winner in Corbin Burnes. You’ve got Brandon Woodruff there, Freddy Peralta, topped off with a big bullpen.

You have one of the best closers in the league in Josh Hader. Devin Williams was the reason this bullpen didn’t have his depth in the playoffs because he fractured his throwing hand hitting a wall. I love Brewers. They have experience. 7 to 1 in the National League, book them to win it.

Now my next game, I’m going to two different win totals. My first is the over 84 and 1/2 wins over the Los Angeles Angels. I know Minty likes it because she said it gave her hope for the season. If everyone can stay healthy – and I know that’s always the big “if” in Major League Baseball. With the Angels, it’s the big “if” because their best player Mike Trout last year missed the second half of the season. In fact, he missed the majority of the season due to injury.

Shohei Ohtani had one of the best and was obviously an MVP last year, and he stayed healthy. So let’s add to that. You have Trout, Ohtani, Rendon, Syndergaard. Lots of great pieces that have been added, like a Syndergaard, to your starting rotation. You just gotta stay healthy.

And the Angels have one of the best managers, at least for me, in Major League Baseball and Joe Maddon. Maddon went to Tampa Bay earlier in his managerial career. It took him three years. However, in that third year, he took the Rays from a team in their sixties to over 90 wins in that third season. And that’s exactly where he is right now with the Angels. That three to four year period is so critical, and that’s where Maddon is right now with the Angels. I like the over 84 and 1/2 wins over Los Angeles.

Finally, I bet a penny on a total of victories. And New York fans, you’re gonna hate me. New York Mets, I bet under 88 and 1/2 wins. This Mets team hasn’t had an 89+ season since 2015. I know all the money is going to the Mets.

Can their ace Jacob deGrom stay healthy? Can Max Scherzer, who is approaching 40, stay healthy? These are two pitchers who have had a lot of injuries that they have to deal with. Jacob deGrom is already missing his opening day start. He will already not play the first month of the season. Max Scherzer has had back spasms here and there throughout his career.

Plus, you have a player lineup that no one reached over .300 last year at the end of the season. No Mets player had a batting average over .300 last season. Every time Jacob deGrom was on the mound, the team’s under total on the Mets was the game. I’m not convinced the Mets have enough depth in their pitch. You could look at their aces, fine.

However, when you look at their relievers, they don’t have anyone who could go attack anyone like Bryce Harper, Matt Olson, Kyle Schwarber. The Mets need a left-handed reliever at the stop, and they just don’t have it. I don’t trust the bullpen. Give me the under-88 and 1/2 wins over the Mets.

PARIS MINT: Oh, I love those picks, especially the angel pick, like I told you. Now is the time for my picks, and I have three too. You mentioned that New York fans might not like you for this Mets pick, but New York fans are definitely not going to like me for my picks here.

We’re going to start with the Tampa Bay Rays to win the AL East at plus 240. Because of all the star power that Toronto and New York have, I think the Rays are underdogs here. I mean, they won the division two years in a row. They have a ton of great pitchers, ranked fourth in the ERA. They have one of the best bullpen. And they also have offensive firepower. I really like the value you get here, especially like I said because they’ve won the division two years in a row.

Then I love the Atlanta Braves for winning the NL East at plus 140. Now look, the Mets, I mean, they’ve got a lot of hype and they’ve got a lot of potential, but they’ll always be the Mets. I’m going to trust the defending World Series champions here. I know they lost Freddie Freeman, but they still have a strong lineup and a really good starting rotation. Also, I love the addition of one of the best defensive players in the league, Matt Olson. So I think plus 140 might be the best number we’ll see on the Braves all season. So I love that the Braves won the NL East.

And finally, I love the San Francisco Giants on 85 and 1/2 wins. Now the only way to bet on the NL West is to find a bet that is not the LA Dodgers to win the division because we know they are likely to win the division. But I really like the Giants this season. Now I know they took a hit with Posey and Gausman gone, but I love the addition of Carlos Rodon to that starting rotation. So you have a solid starting rotation and great bats with Joc Pederson, Mike Yastrzemski, Tommy La Stella, Brandon Crawford. And they won 107 games last season, so I think that total of 85 and 1/2 is pretty low. So I like the top.

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