Stolen dollars, stupid generals – NV reveals conversations of Russian soldiers

Russian soldiers openly discuss the rape, looting and killing of civilians in Ukraine in phone conversations with friends and relatives

Russian soldiers openly discuss the rape, looting and killing of civilians in Ukraine in phone conversations with friends and relatives

The image of being the “second most powerful army” in the world that the Russian military used to cultivate turned out to be a complete sham. The Russian army is not as scary as she thought.

Quite the contrary: it is more like an army of raiders which is, in its nature, a crowd of randomly recruited individuals who dream of escaping from war.

The best proof of this is provided by the Russian soldiers’ own telephone conversations with their relatives. These conversations tell an interesting story about moral degradation within the Russian armed forces. The telephone recordings are provided by the Ukrainian security services, which intercept them using the latest telecommunications technologies.

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The fighters of “Putin’s victorious armada” no longer speak of patriotism. They don’t discuss morale or their own desire to win. Instead, they talk about stolen goods, stupid commanders and huge losses. On top of that, they dream of returning home to Russia.

NV has collected the most shocking confessions from the Russian invaders who have been intercepted recently.


– I don’t know if I will be able to take everything with me, I will have to cross the border. And I have lots of things. As soon as we invade the city – any house is yours, just walk in. I collected a few dollars in cash this way. Will be back, will go to the exchange office. By the way, is gold getting more expensive?

– At the beginning of the war, its price increased. Now let’s go back to where it was. Bud don’t worry: gold is always in demand. Not like the Russian ruble.

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– These guys just arrived, holy shit. They come these days, rape whores, steal. And now there’s this guy from Pskov, he’s in St. Petersburg now. So… He came, you know, raped a whore, killed her and robbed. So much shit with the looting.


— In the morning, we carried out our offensive operation. We had an intelligence report – no Ukrainian soldiers there, no mines, nothing. So we moved forward. Our chariot was going ahead of us. And the tank was shelled immediately. It moved to the left and hit a mine. Tank personnel came out – and were hit by shelling. Then two tanks joined the mess. Our battalion commander was injured, we had to evacuate him. Five infantry people stayed with us. Others refused to do anything… It’s hell in here. Our generals just want us to move forward, to keep moving forward. But all of us, including the tank personnel, refuse to do that, we tell the generals, “We’re not going anywhere.

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‘Our generals will have their heads cut off for their bad work, you know.

– Sure.

– (The Ministry of Defense) will draw its own conclusions. Putin just got screwed! That’s why we failed at the very beginning.


– I’m going crazy. I want to go home. I wait until the end of May – and that’s it. Otherwise, I’ll pretend I hurt my foot and get a ticket home. I’ll call you – and then you’ll phone the various command offices, that’s all.

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“So that’s the thing. There was this general who visited us near Izyum (in Kharkiv oblast). He ordered our tanks to move forward like “Be quick, attack!” – and they just went into a minefield. Half our brigade was lost, it was just burned. One of the soldiers was so angry that he got into a tank and ran over the general’s feet. The general later died in hospital.


— Russian guards from Moscow Oblast and tank soldiers from Boguchar (in Voronezh Oblast) were shooting at each other, killing each other on the spot, on the ground. All were killed, that’s all.

– I heard about it.

– During the first month of the war, we were completely shocked. We move on and start shooting at each other, then if we succeed we have a chance to escape. Our rangers didn’t even come to Izyum (in Kharkiv oblast). They’re lost somewhere, though they’re supposed to be our elite forces. They’re probably defending bushes somewhere.


“So just loot the premises. They stole a motorbike, drove around.

– Do you remove the gold? Gold here is worth 10,000 rubles per gram.

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– I am completely shocked, how you can live like that. Everything is bombed. Simply everything, everything is bombarded. Izyum (in Kharkiv Oblast) – it is a city like Voronezh (in western Russia). Now it’s just ruins in Izyum. Just ruins. Ruins, and the ground has bomb holes. Only the elderly survived.

– Kharkiv is also a big city.

– Kharkiv is screwed. It was heavily bombed. For a whole month it was bombarded.

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“We only have one tank left in our division. We had another one but we broke it ourselves so we wouldn’t be deployed. The armored vehicles continued without us, many people in these vehicles were killed and as many were injured they are in very serious condition.

– Good work! Break the tank into several parts and bring them back for recycling – it’s the only way for you to survive.


– They are afraid. Our officers are afraid. One of them has found a hiding place in a private underground facility. From there, he places his orders. He never visited a battlefield.

– So, when you just arrived, this officer just escaped? That’s when eight people were imprisoned by Ukrainians?

– Yes.

– It’s him? I see. And he was promoted to colonel, right?

– Yes, he is a colonel now and received the Order of Bravery.

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— 1,350 (this is the number of losses of Russian personnel officially recognized by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow)? What are you talking about? We lost 14,000 during the first stage of the war. KAMAZ trucks came to take out all the corpses. They were all covered so as not to see the corpses. These trucks were leaving blood on the road surface as they drove down the roads. The corpses were bagged – some were torn to pieces. Holy shit.


— They try to motivate us with money. On the 10th, they will increase our salaries: 8,000 RUR per day, then from May 1 – 15,000 RUR per day. Whereas if you refuse to serve, you will not be paid at all.


“All the normal guys were killed or injured. Only idiots survived. It’s so hard here. No normal people around, some just walked away from the battlefield.


“You said you would reach a village, I mean a river.

– To reach the river, you have to cross four or five villages. Sounds easy, but for us, walking one kilometer takes two hours if we are bombarded. We lost our tanker yesterday. Our artillery is the worst in the world.

– Why?

– It misses all targets.


“So what are your trophies?”

– Not much. Three laptops.

– Where the fuck are you going to use them? Marinate them?


“Very few survived, Dad, very few. Initially, our military group had 52 people, and now there are only 17. If you take into account all the personnel deployed with armored vehicles, we had 350 people. Today, less than 100 are alive.

– Damn it. Are your officers doing a good job?

– All the officers who were able to do a good job left us here.


“Vlad, please. You probably listened too much to your division commander, he talks shit.

– Yeah, he’s telling us to fuck off.

– Just refuse to carry out his orders. You’ve had enough. You invaded all the towns you could. Honey, please come back. Go home, Vlad. You understood me ?

– How can I get back? We only have two options here, Yulya, both are bad.

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