Welsh rugby club demand ejection of rivals and accuse WRU of ‘unforgivable incompetence’ in stunning statement

Pontypool RFC have called for Beddau RFC to be sent off in a stunning blow from the Championship club and Welsh Rugby Union.

In a strong statement, the club accused Beddau and the WRU of a “very embarrassing and unacceptable display of unprofessionalism”. The statement claims Beddau has reportedly rejected multiple dates to rearrange their postponed game without explanation, ensuring Pontypool’s season – and hope of winning a fourth straight title – ends prematurely.

The club has already called for the entire WRU playing board to quit after it was announced there would be no promotion and relegation to the domestic leagues during the 2021-22 season. Yet another setback for the club as they attempt to regain Premiership status for the first time since 2013.

Their latest statement went on to allege that after referring the matter to the WRU they were told they would not receive a surprise win with a bonus point and that Beddau would not be sanctioned for conduct which Pontypool claims to be “unprofessional and shameful”.

“After waiting over two weeks for a progress update and given that all matches had to be completed by 14 May 2022, our patience has run out and we refuse to be downgraded another day,” he continued.

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Confirming that the season will not end with all matches finished, they announced that the recently postponed clash with Ystalyfera – which has been canceled after a player had to wait nearly three hours for an ambulance after suffering a neck injury – would not be rearranged. As a result, Pontypool cannot finish higher than third.

“Pontypool RFC would like to express its deep displeasure with Beddau RFC for the way it has chosen to conduct its business,” the statement read. “Giving up a domestic league game diminishes the credibility of the league and further mocks what has already been a disjointed season. The club’s position is that they should be kicked out of the domestic league immediately, but that won’t happen. Clearly not, due to the unforgivable ineptitude of the Welsh Rugby Union.

“As such, the club also wishes to register its frustration at the way the Welsh Rugby Union has lost complete control of its ability to govern the game. Time and time again the governing body has proven that it does not was not fit for purpose and Pontypool RFC is again calling on the entire Community Game Board to resign from office with immediate effect.

“Welsh club rugby deserves a community playing committee – and a board for that matter – that has the skills to manage the game at all levels. Putting an ambitious club like Pontypool RFC in a position where the season of the club was abruptly terminated while there was still a mathematical opportunity to win a national championship is indefensible. They have done incalculable damage to the reputation of the second tier of Welsh rugby club.

“We extend our deepest apologies to our supporters for this highly embarrassing and unacceptable display of unprofessionalism by Beddau RFC and the Welsh Rugby Union. We would also like to express our immense gratitude to Army Pooler for your unwavering support. during what has been an immensely challenging period throughout COVID-19 and the subsequent return to play.

“Our focus will now turn to preparations for a hugely important 2022-23 season, but we do so with an intense level of cynicism and concern about how the Welsh Rugby Union will effectively govern the domestic league. given his abysmal record in the presidency over a culture of failure and apathy towards the clubs he is supposed to represent.”

Responding to the statement, the WRU said: “As stated before the start of the season, after 17 months without organized and competitive rugby and a 20 month absence from League rugby, the main objectives of this transitional season have still been to help clubs continue to re-launch community rugby safely; to welcome players, coaches, referees, volunteers and supporters to rugby clubs and support players as they develop into new age groups.”

WRU Community Director Geraint John added: “From the start of the pandemic, we have been very clear about our main objective of ensuring that all of our clubs were able to emerge from this period as businesses. durable and we provided extensive support on and off the pitch. working with the Welsh Government and other bodies to enable them to do so.

“Due to the likelihood of further disruption to the adult season due to high infection rates and closures – which have affected clubs around the Christmas period in particular – the Community Game Board has decided that it will not there would be no promotion or relegation this season We would like all of our clubs to complete their matches if possible – and we will be celebrating outright League winners in conjunction with our sponsor Admiral – but due to all the mitigating factors this season , the CGB also decided early on that clubs who did not complete all their matches this season would not be sanctioned.

“We fully understand the frustration of some clubs, but we are happy with how the majority of our clubs have adapted to everything the last two years have thrown their way. Volunteers across the country have worked tirelessly to implement the path to full participation we have put in place and we hope to see further growth across the board as we prepare for the 2022/22 season. Me and the Community Game Board would like to thank them for their hard work and support during these difficult two years.

Beddau RFC was approached for comment.

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