What the future could hold for each player

For their season finale, the Knicks were scheduled to take the floor Sunday at the Garden against the Raptors with perhaps just eight healthy bodies.

It was a fitting end as their roster of 17 men – including two-way players – dropped like flies amid this 2021-22 carnage.

Only six players from their 15-man roster were final to fit on Sunday.

Knicks president Leon Rose, who has not addressed the media since September, has yet to explain this mess, which stood at 36-45 heading into the final. It’s unclear if he will discuss the roster’s uncertain future as he faces a monumental offseason trying to keep his job and find a starting point guard.

In recent weeks, Tom Thibodeau, the likely retained 2021 Coach of the Year, has shed little light on the future plan, but said Friday the franchise knows “we still have a long way to go.” .

Here’s an analysis of each player’s future as the Knick.

PG Kemba Walker

When Walker left the team on All-Star break, the Knicks refused to give him a buyout. They see him as an expiring trade pawn with $9 million that can be added to an offseason deal. No one expects him to wear a Knicks jersey again. Thibodeau never became familiar with Walker’s skills.

Kemba walker
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

PG Derrick Rose

Rose, 33,’s excellence in a 35-game Knicks streak during the pandemic-shortened 2020-21 season was short-lived. Maybe Thibodeau gave him too many minutes, Rose broke down in 2021-22 with two ankle surgeries and played just 26 games. He has one year left at $14.5 million and a final year option, so he could be back as a point guard despite the obvious risks.

SG/PG Alec Burks

Thibodeau stubbornly started Burks at point guard after the All-Star break, and he was a decent stopgap. But he is no playmaker and is expected to return to his old role next season as a goalscoring winger off the bench.

PG/SG Immanuel Quickley

The sophomore was arguably the Knicks’ most impressive player since the All-Star break, improving as a general on the ground and finding his 3-point shot to close on a high. He opened eyes in the organization as a potential starting point keeper on the road.

PG/SG Miles McBride

The West Virginia rookie deserved more action on the ball, but he’s a solid pressure defender who will always have a place on a Thibodeau roster.

PG Ryan Archdeacon

Leon Rose has a thing for Villanova so he could be back as the 15th man.

Evan Fournier
robert sabo

SG Evan Fournier

The Frenchman had an underrated season in which he broke the Knicks’ single-season record for 3-pointers made, but Thibodeau’s use in the fourth quarter was unpredictable. He didn’t defend to the coach’s liking and, with his big salary, could be on the move in the right blockbuster.

SG/SF RJ Barrett

Made the jump as a leading scorer/No. 1 option and potential All-Star, but scouts feel that’s too big a burden for a winning team because he’s not a pure outside shooter. Thibodeau wants him to defend better and spray the ball faster next season on the doubles team.

SG Quentin Grimes

An impressive rookie season was cut short by a dislocated knee on Feb. 25, and he never regained form. But Grimes is part of the future because Thibodeau loves him and lobbied for him to be drafted 25th overall.

SF Cam reddish

The former Hawks lottery pick had a 15-game uneventful stint after the January trade before his season-ending shoulder injury. Brass likes him better than the coach – which means he should be expected at training camp.

Julius Randle
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

PF Julius Randle

Fans turned on the 2020-21 All-Star quickly after a slow start, and he seemed to mess with the Knicks forward’s sensitive psyche. If staunch fan favorite Obi Toppin is their starting striker next season, the front office will assess trading Randle, who may still be a left-handed wrecking ball after averaging 20.1 points, 9.9 rebounds and 5.1 assists this season. But is he more suited to Barrett?

PF Obi Toppin

Starting with Randle in the last four games, Toppin averaged 23.5 points, 5.3 rebounds on 54.1% shooting heading into the Finals. But that stat matters most: he shoots 48.1% on 3 on 6.8 attempts.

PF Feron Hunt

The Knicks’ new active two-way signing will play in the summer league after making his Washington debut, playing the final two minutes.

C Mitchell Robinson

The shot-blocking and rattling center has remained healthy, making him a marketable commodity as an unrestricted free agent who NBA sources say wants a change. The Pistons will pursue the longest-serving Knick if they don’t address their central position in the draft. The Bulls, Mavericks, Pelicans and Hornets should also be interested.

Michael Robinson
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

C Jericho Sims

The front office devoted the post-All-Star break schedule to taking a closer look at the rookie center, who showed he could be a Robinson Lite but with more playing ability.

C Nerlens Noel

The former Sixers lottery pick had a lot of baggage in New York but revived his image last season as a defensive threat in a contract year. Noel has returned to enigmatic form with a 25-game injury-filled season and could be trade bait with an expiring contract.

C Taj Gibson

The saddest analysis is that Gibson became the Knicks’ best 3-point shooter.

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