Will Vlad Guerrero Jr. Win AL MVP?

Minty Bets and Ariel Epstein are giving their 2022 MLB Futures bets for MVP, Cy Young and HR manager.

Video transcript

PARIS MINT: It’s time for us to give you our favorite future MLB players. I’m Minty Bets here with Ariel Epstein, and we’re going to kick things off with the Cy Young award. Ariel, what have you got for us?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: First, I want to start with this trend. Only one pitcher in the past 10 years has won the Cy Young with an ERA over 3. You need to find pitchers who have an ERA less than 3 to win this award, at least based on these trends over these last 10 years. . That said, the first player I’m looking at for the American League, Cy Young, is from Toronto. He’s new to Toronto, and it’s starting pitcher Kevin Gausman.

I like him at 20 to 1. He’s one of those players who was top 10 in K by 9 last year. He’s also going to be part of this Toronto team that’s going to support him with race support. In a division where the Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, they were all in the top 15 for highest K rates against right-handed pitchers, Gausman is going to be able to not only have a ton of strikeouts at bat this year. He’s also potentially going to be one of the few pitchers who could keep his ERA below 3. Give me Gausman at 20 to 1 to win the American Cy Young League.

Make way for the National League. For their Cy Young, I’m looking at another takeout machine, and that’s Phillies starter Zack Wheeler. He is 10 to 1 to win the NL Cy Young. Wheeler had the second most strikeouts in Major League Baseball last season. For the Phillies, he led the team in innings pitched, wins and strikeouts. I love Zack Wheeler because he also had a sub-3 ERA for consecutive seasons at the peak of the K machine he has become. Give me the 10 to 1 value on Zack Wheeler to win the National League Cy Young, Minty.

PARIS MINT: Oh, I love the value of both. And I’ll start with the American League Cy Young, and I also like Kevin Gausman at 20 to 1. Now I wanted to go down the list and avoid Gerrit Cole and Shane Bieber, and I think Kevin Gausman has the best value here. And it is very likely that he will win this award. I mean, he’s leaving San Francisco to join the young Toronto Blue Jays. It’s a really complete team. And Gausman finished the season sixth in ERA, strikeouts and seventh in WHIP. So I like that he sneaks this one in.

Now for the National League, I really like Walker Buehler at over 900. Now Buehler was stellar in every start last season. With the league’s third-best ERA, he was second in WAR and 10th in strikeouts. He’s also a two-time all-star, so I really like him for winning the Cy Young here.

Now let’s move on to the MVP awards. I think I’ll go first this time. For the American League, I like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. at over 500. In the American League, he was third in batting average, tied for first in homers and first in OPS. He’s a very good player, very powerful, in a very competitive division, so I think he deserves this award.

Now let’s move on to the National League. This one was really tough because there are a lot of great players in the National League. But I’ll go with Freddie Freeman, who just signed with the Dodgers. Now, it won that award in that weird year of 2020, and it’s now on a list with a really stacked lineup. He finished last season in the top 11 in batting average and home runs, so I like Freddie Freeman winning this one. And you, Ariel? Who are your MVPs?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: My American League MVP goes to a Toronto Blue Jays player. However, their shortstop Bo Bichette. It’s 25 to 1. In the last 10 years, seven of the last 10 between American League and National League MVPs, they’ve had a batting average over .300. During Bo Bichette’s three years in the Major League Baseball world, he had a batting average of over .300. He also led the Toronto Blue Jays with 191 hits last season. It’s incredible. I’m looking for the player who will make the most contacts, and that was Bichette in Toronto. I’m going with him 25 to 1 to win the American League MVP.

On the National League side, my MVP goes to a Milwaukee Brewers player because, as I mentioned in future videos from my teams, I like the Brewers 7-1 to win the National League. Who is going to be the key to this? Well, in the lineup, it will be Christian Yelich. Now Yelich is 30 to 1 to win MVP, which is a long way off.

With Yelich, he’s proven before that he can win MVP because he did, in addition to going back-to-back in 2018 and 2019 hitting over .300 for over 35 homers. The Brewers are in a very batter-friendly park. Milwaukee is also in a National League Central division where three of the five teams in that division, not including Milwaukee, had an ERA team in the bottom 10 at the majors. Give me Mr. Christian Yelich to have a 30-to-1 comeback season, winning National League MVP, helping the Brewers to my National League Championship 7-to-1.

PARIS MINT: I like the value in there. All right, let’s move on to the circuit bosses. Ariel, who do you have for us as a leader?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: For the home run leader, I go with Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout. He’s 14 to 1. And all Trout has to do is stay healthy and he’ll be in the top five at least. Prior to this final season where Mike Trout missed most of the year due to injury, Trout spent three straight seasons in the league’s top five in homers. Trout has yet to lead the majors in the home runs. He keeps getting closer. I’m going to take it lightly, 14 to 1. Mike Trout, home run point guard.

PARIS MINT: Oh, okay, you pick someone from my team, and I’ll pick someone from your team. I don’t want to pick a big name here, but I really like Aaron Judge at 13-1. Now it all depends on whether he can stay healthy and play a full season, much like Mike Trout. Last season, he tied for sixth in home runs, recording 39 dingers. And we know he can crush the ball, so I really like his chances here at 13 to 1 to win the home run leader.

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